#Trending Insights: Social Data Analysis And Visualization

Institution(s): Northeastern

Discipline(s): Media Studies, Information Design and Visualization

Faculty Member(s): Jacob Groshek

Keyword(s): Big Data, Civic Media, Data Journalism, Data Science, Data Visualization, Undergraduate

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This course familiarizes students with social-scientific methods for large-scale data analysis and visualization, including the application of relevant user and concept networks, time and spatial models, and sentiment analysis. In addition, the use of germane software in emerging and digital media research is developed. More importantly, however, this course has a dual structure where students learn to not only carry out advanced analyses of large datasets, they also engage with how to visually represent and effectively communicate those results to a lay audience. As such, students leave equipped with a wide-ranging skillset to scrape data, mine data, and present data in fields of specific areas of inquiry.