Reinventing (And Reimagining) Boston: The Changing American City

Institution(s): Harvard

Discipline(s): Humanities

Faculty Member(s): Matthew Kaliner, david Luberoff

Keyword(s): Storytelling, Undergraduate, Urbanism

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This multi-disciplinary course uses Boston to help student better appreciate, understand and participate in contemporary urban life. In particular, we will explore three central questions at the heart of any conversation about any city. Who is Boston for? Who should it be for? And how will those decisions get made? The course will examine these questions via a unique combination of readings, lectures, presentations by notable local practitioners, visits to different parts of Boston, and writing assignments. In that work, we take seriously that studying a city – and teaching a Gen Ed course – is an exercise in dissonance, plurality, and negotiation. To that end, this course draws on a wide number of sources and disciplines to help answer three fundamental questions, which are always making demands of each other.