Perspectives On Literacy

Institution(s): UMass Boston

Discipline(s): Education

Faculty Member(s): Matthew Davis

Keyword(s): Digital Media, Media Literacy, Undergraduate, Youth

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This course will examine the theories, practices, materials, and importance of literacy in two ways. First, we’ll read a number of texts from the field of literacy studies. We’ll read theories of how humans began to connect language and tools; we’ll read studies of the African Vai people, of school children, and of digital communities; we’ll look at how those studies understand the political, social, and ideological dimensions of different forms of meaning-making. Second, you’ll engage literacy by participating in a service-learning program that provides an opportunity to promote literate practice outside the classroom. As part of the course, you will choose a literacy program in the Boston area, volunteer as a writing tutor, coach, or teacher, and put into practice your developing understanding of what literacy means.