Design Of Information-Rich Environments

Institution(s): Northeastern

Discipline(s): Architecture, Information Design and Visualization

Faculty Member(s): Kristian Kloeckl

Keyword(s): Architecture, Big Data, Data Visualization, Data Science, Design

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This seminar course based on lectures, collaborative class workshops, discussions and design exercises introduces students to an array of critical themes and concepts for the creative work at the intersection of digital systems data and physical objects and space – the emerging domain of what can be referred to as urban computing or ambient informatics. Over the past years, much of our environment has been pervaded by networks and systems that generate digital bits as part of their operations (think of public transport electronic ticketing systems, telecommunication services, the electricity grid, logistic operations, etc.). Massive amounts of data are being generated by these systems at every instance and they are closely related to human activity, both informing human actions as well as reflecting their effects (for example, the digitization of the public transport system has enabled to inform passengers of the real-time location and arrival of busses as well as informing network operators and cities in real-time of the origin-destination patterns of all passengers at every instant).